Beer Recipes

Dark and rich with aromatic coffee notes and a roasted malty bourbon undertone
Smooth and luscious Pale ale with a hop explosion of mosaic and citra – mango, guava, pineapple and lychee characters prevail.
A  sharp and zesty wheat beer
IPAs were originally brewed to mature through the long voyage from England to India. They were therefore made with lots of hops and a high alcohol. This deep amber example of the classic style with a new world twist (using NZ cascade hops to dry hop)
Immensely rich with an intense sweet roast flavour  and distinct hoppiness.
This is a great dessert drink when served in a goblet at about 10°.
This special ale is filled with the festive flavour of Christmas, cherries, spices and good cheer. Delicious with a piece of your favourite Christmas cake.
Reminiscent of the sweeter, balanced dark brews of Bavaria. Great with Bratwurst sausage.
Dark amber in color and rich in flavor, this "big brew" will give you a warming sensation all the way down. At around 8% ABV, it is the type of beer that we like to call a "Stay-at-Home" beer. Because it's so complex, give this brew about 6 months to…
Blueberries are one of the best fruits to brew with because of their light, crisp and refreshing character. This blueberry dominated beer is extremely refreshing with light hopping which compliments the fruit.
A malt driven lager with hops to balance. Very good session beer
If you love intensely bitter beers this is the one for you. This beer has a lovely citrusy aroma from the added cascade hops.
(Makes 23litres) This is a fruity and spicy flavored brew that is a favorite in Germany. It is normal for this beer to have a remarkably cloudy finish. Purchase a wheat beer yeast strain from your local brew shop to replicate the true flavors of a traditional hefeweizen. Suggested lager…
(Makes 23litres) A light, tangy ale that features crisp malt and tart fruit. It begins with a surprising tartness and ends with warmth. Reminiscent of a mulled wine, only better: it's beer!
(Makes 23litres) This fruit weissbier has a rich color and refreshing tart flavor. Serve chilled with a slice of orange. The interplay between malted wheat and fruit makes this a great autumn and springtime brew.